Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heart of brightness

Since contact between Aboriginal peoples and Europeans, Canada’s story has been immigration.

Today the Winnipeg Free Press recognizes the diverse and fast-growing community of immigrants and refugees from Africa.

The Africa Edition: Our City, Our World contains dozens of stories and pictures – highlighted by Ruth Bonneville’s beautiful front-page portrait – of Africans in Manitoba and Manitobans in Africa.

It’s heartening to find these previously untold stories in the Free Press, and to see the newspaper emphasizing its competitive strengths against other news media.

Despite falling readership and advertising for their dead-trees editions, newspapers retain large pools of trained, experienced, well-paid journalists.

Rather than reporting only the daily grind of news – crime, press releases and sports – newspapers are uniquely positioned among for-profit news media to research and display major projects such as The Africa Edition.

Good on the Free Press for telling us the latest chapter of our Canadian story.