Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Putting the K in Klassy

A couple of the campaigns in Winnipeg’s Oct. 27 civic election are beginning to reek of desperation.

At the end of last week Sam Katz, running to be mayor for another four years, made robo-calls to a batch of voters, including me.

He attacked a promise by Judy Wasylycia-Leis, his main opponent, to end the city’s freeze on property taxes.

What caught me was Katz’s conclusion: “People should not lose their homes when there are other avenues to consider first.”

Huh? People lose their homes?

Sounds like the slippery-slope logical fallacy.

Then the Winnipeg Free Press reports that a regular taxpaying resident has received more than 100 messages from people returning Katz’s robo-call to the number that appeared on their caller ID.

So does Katz’s campaign apologize?


Marni Larkin, his campaign manager, blames a phone company. “It has nothing to do with our campaign,” she tells the Free Press.

Then, in leafy River Heights-Fort Garry, those pesky traffic circles have some residents in a tizzy. Especially residents working for Michael Kowalson, who is running to unseat John Orlikow.

On the weekend an anonymous, badly written, nearly hysterical broadside appeared in the mailboxes of the good burghers of the district. Yes, I’m one of those burghers.


It spells Waverley Street two ways. Oh well, one is right.

Orlikow complained to the civic elections office, and he outed the authors as Kowalson supporters, including the wife of the guy Orlikow defeated in the 2008 byelection.

The demonstration that the flyer urged residents to attend on Wednesday morning attracted “dozens” of people, CBC reports.

Hey, boys and girls, there are just two weeks until election day.

Don’t make me call in Mom to referee.

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  1. I guess it's beyond my intelligence level, but what good do those new traffic circles actually pose? Buses can't get by them. Neither can garbage trucks or any other large vehicle. Plus, how did they decide where to put them? I know there is one going up on Wilson down by Grant. Then, on the weekend, while driving down Selkirk, I had to take a detour due to, yet another, homicide. I went down 1 block and....there's one of those dumb circles! So I take right turn (because I couldn't turn left easily due to the round-about in my way) and what's at the end of the next block? Another one!!! Are you kidding me?!?! If I lived on that block, and thank God I don't, I would be furious. I can't wait to see how long it takes the communities that have to put up with that BS to gang together and rip those things to dust. Just pathetic! Almost as pathetic as having the only restaurant on a bridge in the world to be a Sal's just because the owner is local. I've been to Sal' the nips, but think that a nice 4 or 5 Star restaurant would have brought in a lot more customers. Either that or a nice ice cream/bakery that people walking the bridge would be more likely to stop at.
    Anyways, I've probably complained more than you'd like to hear, so I'll get out of here. lol If you get the chance, stop by my blog:
    and see the project I've been working on in Winnipeg. I'm looking for interested (and interesting) people to join. L8R