Thursday, October 25, 2012

Technology in education

Red River College requires its instructors to take the10-course Certificate in Adult Education.

The course I am taking for  four hours each Thursday night is Introduction to Technology in Education.

It showers us with new technology and invites us to consider which technology could help our students and us.

We reflect on our use of technology in teaching.

Rather than being an early adopter of new technology, I watch my colleagues' adventures on the leading edge or way out on the bleeding edge (hello, Kenton Larsen). I prefer to husband my technology-learning resources, because I have seen too many world-beating, must-have technologies flame out in a few months.

The technology I like makes my teaching more effective or my life more enjoyable.

So I blog and I use Twitter. I use an iPod Touch to check email and Twitter, when I am in range of the college's wifi.

I have a cell phone -- and a land line.

But I don't feel the need to walk down the street, buds in my ears, listening to music or talking to someone.

I already have enough music in my head.


  1. Have you seen the "Envisioning the future of education technology" report released by the forecasting studio, Envisioning Technology? There is a PDF and more info on their website:

    It covers upcoming technological advancements from 2012 - 2040.