Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CreComm grad is new Global National anchor

Dawna Friesen (left) talks journalism with student Emily Baron Cadloff at Red River College Nov. 20, 2009. Photo by John Pura, RRC

Dawna Friesen, a 1984 Creative Communications graduate, is the new anchor of Global National TV news.

In November 2009 Red River College honoured Friesen as a Distinguished Alum.

Speaking to journalism students that day, Friesen reminded them that journalists are privileged observers to historical events.

Friesen took the classic CreComm route to journalistic prominence: get the diploma, work in a small town, work in a bigger town, work in a bigger job.

That's why instructors tell students not to turn up their noses at Portage la Prairie, or at Brandon, Saskatoon or Thunder Bay. Friesen worked in all those spots.

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