Monday, July 5, 2010

Print Plus

My colleague Kenton Larsen, who trolls the universe seeking jobs for Creative Communications graduates, says he has hardly ever seen as many opportunities.

That's great.

Yet it's surprising how many job descriptions are very traditional-- those in the journalism field, at least.

Jeff Gaulin's useful website, for example, still lists Print as a major category for journalistic jobs. Why not Print Plus? Dead trees and online, too.

And Interlake Publishing, a long-time source of good starting jobs at Manitoba community newspapers, is looking for a couple of reporters and managing editor. These are fine jobs, certainly worth applying for.

But isn't there an opportunity to expand them?

Interlake could dramatically build its website, emphasizing the community involvement that has traditionally been the strength of community newspapers: not only the important coverage of cops, courts and town council, but also

Your pictures of your kids! Grandma's 99th birthday blog! Little Ernestine's championship soccer season!

CreComm grads have all the journalistic and technical skills to make this happen.

Publishers should consider spending a bit of money on creating compelling local websites before someone else does, and puts their dead-trees newspapers out of business.

No money?

Hey Sun Media, how about diverting the salary of one preacher from your new right-wing TV channel and giving it to your subsidiary Interlake to create some real community journalism?

Little Ernestine's family would love you.


  1. Very nice!

    Yep, lots of jobs for communications grads - an unbelievable amount! Really great to see...

    It's worth repeating that the best job for a new grad remains: the first job that comes along!

  2. To be fair, Duncan, this is Canada; our version of right-wing is centrism in the U.S., and their version of right-wing is authoritarianism here. So they won't have any preachers to fire. Full column on the subject:

    Sun TV, please hire me.